On Pokemon Platinum What's The Ar Dsi Code For Wild Pokemon Modifier?


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I've had this same question but the codes never work on other sites so I don't know it but I know this one I made and it works. You can put number letter combos 4A-6F to get the item or items for that letter number combo. I got 999 azure flutes and 999 ?'s.
Random items in items slot in bag.

94000130  FCFF0000
B2101D40  00000000
E0000644  00000294
03E7004E  03E70045
03E70049  03E7006C
03E70063  03E7006E
03E70054  03E7004F
D2000000  00000000
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It gave me 999 escape ropes 999 white flutes 999 blue shards 999 dusk stones 999 dome fossils 999 repels and 999 valuable tiny mushrooms 999 oval stones and 999 water stones

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