Does A Freezer Fan Run All The Time Or Does It Stop When Up To Temp?


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A freezer motor should cut off now and then. You need it fixing or a new one if it doesn't.
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I just brought a brand new upright frost-free freezer, it runs all the time, stop 15 minutes and then runs an hour, I got it past Sunday, the temperature was set by the manufacturer, and it is 1/3 full, just wondering is this condition normal ?
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Sy1508 hit it on the head.
 The function of the fan is to push (or pull) cool air across the coils connected to the refrigerant pump to cool them down (thus shedding the heat that's pulled out of the inside of the freezer). Once the freezer reaches it's intended operating temperature, both the pump and the fan normally turn off, to save power. The reason your fan had not been running was that most likely, your pump was not having to work very much while the freezer was frozen up, as the ice contributed greatly to maintaining the frozen condition in the freezer. Once you de-frosted it, the pump had to go back to working the way it was supposed to do, and the fan did as well.
 Once the freezer returned to it's normal operating temperature they shut off again, but since the ice was no longer inside the freezer to keep the temperature down, the outside heat was much more able to seep into the freezer chamber and warm it to the point where the thermostat detected the need to cool it down, and turned them back on again. Since this is how they were designed to work, expect them to continue to work in this fashion, so long as you keep the freezer properly de-iced.
 Hope this has helped. Have a great day!
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Most stop once correct temperature is reached.
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YES>>>>>... It dose but if yours doesnt you need to get a new one like very soon or your ice cream will melt

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