My Refrigerator Is Making A Lot Of Noise. What Is Wrong With The Refrigerator?


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If your refrigerator is noisy it will probably be due to a malfunctioning fan.  Refrigerators use many fans during normal operation and from time to time one of these fans can break.  The first step in diagnosing a noisy refrigerator is to determine exactly where the noise is coming from.  First of all, is the noise coming from within the refrigerator or outside?  If it is from within the refrigerator then it is likely to be either the evaporator fan motor for the freezer compartment or the defrost timer in the fresh food compartment.  To check if it is the evaporator fan, take the evaporator cover off and the noise of the fan will become louder.  If the noise doesn’t get louder then it is likely to be the defrost timer. If the noise is coming from the outside at the back, the problem will be either the compressor or the condenser fan.  First of all take off the back of the refrigerator and check that the condenser fan is not blocked.  If the fan is blocked then remove the debris then replace the cover.  If the fan isn’t blocked then unplug the refrigerator and the fan motor.  Then plug in the refrigerator again and turn it on.  If the noise has gone then the fan is broken and should be replaced.  If the noise doesn’t go away then the compressor is faulty and should be replaced.  The compressor is in a black case with no visible moving parts.  It is worth noting that a faulty compressor is expensive to replace and should be done by a qualified engineer.
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My refrigerator makes a big klunk noise after it runs its cycle. Please advise
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My refrigerator makes a high pitch shrill noise while running which is evey 15 minutes. It has an ice make on the inside only. HELP!
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My fridge freezer fan makes a noise , self defrost  ,if I push the drawes in it makes it worse I took the back panel off and got all ice off  it fine for a week then same again .
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Well most of refrigerator makes noise when their fans do not work well so you should need to fix the loose fan of your refrigerator so that it may stop making more noise. To fix your noise you check this tutorial that will help you to repair your refrigerator. Check this website for details.

Check this website for repairing your refrigerator.

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The main problem comes behind the evaporator cover in the fridge side of the fridge freezer when the fan starts wearing away the build up ice.
To fix this problem you must apply freeze free grease around the little propeller and before re assemble make sure you replace the old self adhesive foam seal around the evaporator element to ensure a moist free area to the cooling radiator
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Could be a loose door or fridge not stable to the ground, usually you can adjust bottom of fridge through turning feet/stabilisers.
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Your fan must be faulty. I can't think of any reason why your refrigerator would be making any noise. There could possibly be a loose piece or something rattling around in there when the fan is running as well. I would get it checked out in case it could be a bigger problem.

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They will be many type of refrigerator problem when making noise. May be compressor will not working properly or  any other also problem so i Suggest you for call a technician for permanent solution.

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A fan is the main cause of refrigerator noise. Get your fan repaired from the service engineers. It happens when your fridge is old or not having proper care. Get it fixed soon so it won't initiate any other problems. Or get a new fridge. Here is the fridge I bought last year with low to no sound and smart features - Whirlpool Vitamagic Pro

They are using advanced technology to reduce noise and improving quality.

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