Are There Any Games That Let You Undress Selena Gomez?


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If you're looking for some fun Selena Gomez games to play (including one where you get to see her almost naked!), then here are a couple of suggestions:

Selena Gomez Games
The following are all some awesome Selena Gomez games that I often play (usually when work gets a little boring!):

  • Selena Gomez Dress- This is a game where you can pick Selena's clothes, make-up, and accessories. Funnily enough- Selena starts off almost naked: Wearing only a plain-looking bra.
  • Rivalry on Selena Gomez- I'm not sure how this game got as popular as it did- in fact I find it a little creepy, but I guess that's just me!
In the game, you are a handsome looking guy sitting on Selena's bed as she sleeps innocently.
The aim of the game is to give Selena little kisses without waking her up.

If your romantic advances awaken her, she proceeds to beat the living day light out of you- reducing you to a bandaged-up and bruised mess.

If you're interested in playing other hit Selena Gomez themed games (including 'Justin and Selena Kissing Vacation')- I'd recommend checking out

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