How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player?


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Solution: Enable the ActiveX control

Follow the steps below to enable an ActiveX control that has been disabled in IE.

   1. In IE, choose Tools > Manage Add-ons.
   2. Look for Shockwave Flash Object under the heading Disabled.
   3. Select this entry and choose Enable at the bottom of the dialog box.
   4. Click the Update ActiveX button.
   5. Click OK to exit the dialog box.
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Exactly what i was going to ask/say. Never heard of unblocking a player. I was going to say reload the updated version.
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Thank you
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I think your adobe flash player is either corrupt by virus attack or needs to be updated. If you have disabled/removed it accidentally then go to My Computer > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. You will find a program listed there with header Adobe Flash player 10 ActiveX If it is properly installed there. Additionally just update or reinstall it from Player Download Center.
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Go to Internet Options, and try to follow these instructions:
1. Select the Security tab
2. Select Custom Level
3. In addition to setting ActiveX options to Prompt or Enable
4. Also make sure Scripting is enabled.
I hope that would be a sufficient help.
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I would think to unblock Adobe flash player , Go to internet options
  Click on security
There should be an exceptions box , Make sure the Adobe flash player is in that box .
Click on apply then ok , I hope that solves the problem you've been having . Jim123

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