What's The Password For Renaissance Place At Home?


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Any child who is a user of Renaissance Place at school should have been equipped with a username and password which will work both at home and at school. If your child does not know their password, then you should contact their teacher, who should be able to give you your child's unique password.

If you are a teacher and have forgotten your Renaissance Place username or password, then you can visit the following web address in order to recover any lost information: If this is unsuccessful, please contact the provider of your Renaissance Place software.

• What is Renaissance Place?

Renaissance Place is a piece of educational software from the Renaissance Learning Inc. Company. The software is designed to aid literacy and mathematical skills and ability, providing quizzes and information in order to help children of different ages to learn. The software is interactive, meaning it is fun and interesting for students to use. It also tracks students' progress, allowing teachers and, as a result, parents, to track a child's progress. This means that, although the children are using computerized programs to aid in their learning, they do not lose out on the human element of interaction and support. 

• What is Renaissance Learning Inc?

Renaissance Learning Inc is a company which specializes in the development of educational software to assist in students' learning. Programs from the Renaissance Learning Inc include Accelerated Reader, STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy and English in a Flash, as well as mathematical equivalent programs such as STAR Mathematics and MathFacts in a Flash. Usually, schools purchase software from Renaissance Learning Inc on a contractual basis, meaning monthly installments are paid for continued access to the Renaissance Learning software.

• Developments in Renaissance Learning software

Renaissance Learning Inc. Is constantly developing its software to keep up with modern technological advances. For example, with the obvious popularity of tablet computer devices such as the Apple iPad, Renaissance Learning Inc has developed software which allows some programs to be accessed on such handheld devices.

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