How To Install My Blue Ware Exe?


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When you purchase Blueware.exe you will be sent an email with full instructions on how to install and download the software. Once the software is downloaded, use your USB cable to connect your computer to the cell phone device and install the Blueware software. 

If you did not receive your welcome pack or you are having difficulties installing the software email [email protected]

Blueware.exe is cell phone software developed by BigDaddySpy that can be applied to certain phones so that calls, text messages, voicemail messages, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), contacts history, location tracking and emails can be accessed from a separate device to the mobile phone such as a computer or a different phone.

The software was originally developed with the intention of providing peace of mind for parents who can monitor the cell phones of their children. Parents would argue that it is in the best interests of their child and is for their safety. The software, however, is often misused and installed by jealous boyfriends and girlfriends to check up on their partners. This is a massive breach of privacy and is against the company policy and against the law.

A recent UK court case has seen a British newspaper sued for thousands of pounds after hacking the cell phones of celebrities and missing people.

If you intend to use Blueware.exe software, you must inform the person who owns the mobile phone. Any illegal use is strictly prohibited by the company. Users should be aware the Blueware.exe has some negative reviews across the Internet. Many people claim that the software is a 'scam' and find that once they have purchased it, they cannot download it or it does not work once it is installed. They claim that contacting BigDaddySpy is impossible.

Some users did manage to contact BigDaddySpy but found that the manuals were confusing and complicated and users would need specialist knowledge of computers and IT software in order to understand the application process.

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