Why Was The Radio Invented?


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The radio was invented to help with communications and it also was a means of entertainment to the ones who invented them, the radio helped with transmitting signals also.
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The radio was invented to help with communications around the society and the radio helped with transmitting signals. It also had a lot of entertainment like music, competitions and more. The Radio can tell people warnings,news,weather and other stuff.
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The radio was invented to help communicate from specific distances....I had to do a report on the radio and this is one of the things I found out.
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Radio communication is extremely important especially in a case of emergency.  When power goes out, radio stations usually give instructions, ie. When we had the big black out a few years back, what to do in an emergency.  Always have batteries available, and make sure they work.  Also, there are ham radios, manually generated that you can get at your general army supply store, or sports store.  Two way radios are also extremely important, such as highway traffic controllers, or the police who can relay info. Immediately. Same for ambulance as they can radio in symptoms before you get to hospital, or report on accidents.  There are so many purposes for radia, info sharing, entertainment, school closing reports, storm warnings, help during power outage or warnings other than just storms
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It was invented because before the T.V was made and before the radio was people had really nothing to do so the radio was invented so people can here the news and here sports so they can have something to do in their life. Thank you and please follow me and be nice to me thank you... PBS (AKA) People Be Smart
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There is no specific reason for such inventions. Radio was invented after a progressive research on wireless telegraphy by Guglielmo Marconi. You can find more information on history of Radio at the link below:

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