Does Anyone Know Of A Company Willing To Donate New Chairs To A Church?


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Louis Dupont answered
  I don't, but have you tried having many of your friends and yourself writing or calling some of the daytime talk shows to see if they might help you out. I know Bonnie Hunt and the Ellen show give away items all the time, and then there is the Extrememakeover show for homes on cable and they are connected to many sponsors and companies too.
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anne roberts answered

National charitable organizations have several drop-off locations
throughout the United States, and most are willing to pick up your
furniture donations. Make sure you get a receipt for your donations.
Without a receipt, you don’t have any way to prove that you donated the
items, which is a potential problem if you are audited by the IRS.

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With there tax exempt statics they

should be able to afford there own.

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