Give Ckt Diagram Of L293d Ic With Explanation How It Works?


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The L293D Motor Driver IC is what is called quadruple push-pull four (4) channel drive, which provides for 60 mA per channel. Meaning it provides 1.2 A peak surge per channel. These motor drivers can control the forward and reverse brake motions for a small DC motor, which is controlled by a microcontroller such as a PIC or a BASIC stamp.

It is a high voltage, high current four (4) channel driver, which is designed to accept standard TTL logic levels as well as indutive loads like relay solenoids, DC and stepping motors. It also works with switching power transisters. The L293D works for switching applications at frequencies up to 5KHz.

The Features of the L293D Motor Drive IC are listed below:
600 mA output current capability for each of four drivers; a Pulsed current 1.2 A/Driver; offers a wide supply voltage range of 4.5 V to 36 V; a separate input-logic supply; NE package for heat sinking;  thermal shutdown & internal ESD protection and high-noise immunity inputs. You can go to for additional information and a graphic design for the L293D Motor Drive IC.

You can also find other L293D Motor Drives such as the dual bi-directional motor drive and other L293D Motor Drive IC's by entering simply L293D IC into your web browser search bar and clicking. You will find pages of websites with additional information and uses for these motor drives.

At the hobby site you can find ways to use these motors for building robots.
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look under google books
page 811,812
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L293d diagram what is use of l293d

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