What Are The Answers To The Game Coded Hallway?


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Here are the answers for coded hallway. I only got up to the sixth one.=)
1. Here
2. That was easy! The Bable Fish says the answer to the next code can be found in the land of the rising sun.
3. There is this many number in alphabet
4. The army of darkness was raised the day the earth stood still
5. Klaatu
6. One day, Charlie and Oscar went out to the Delta to listen to some music, but there was too much of an Echo. Charlie said, 'we should go somewhere else.' Oscar replied, 'let's ASK Dvorak, I hear he has a good DSK system.'

  p.s. Number 6 the punctuation might be wrong and you have to type it in. Copying and pasting doesn't work. ( well it didn't work for me ) hope this helped!=)

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