Where Do I Go To Check My Balance On My Nckidscard?


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If somebody wants to check their balance on their ncKIDScard account they can be this in a number of ways. The four different options available to do this are:

• Call the relevant customers services number
JP Morgan Chases' Customer Services number is 800-392-5749, this should be used for accounts with JP Chase. Account holders using the new cards should note that the number to call is 1-877-766-9759.

• Access the account online
This can be done by visiting the sites, or

• Check the balance at any ATM
All ATMs can show the balance the same way they will using a normal debit card.

• Receive monthly account statements
The statements are sent out at the end of each month, and show the opening balance, receipts, payments, and the closing balance, the same way normal bank statements do.

The ncKIDScard is a card that is issued in the state of North Carolina, and can be used in any place that a normal debit card can. The main purpose of the card is to keep the child support received separate from other monies that people have coming in. This is now the norm in cases of child support, although there are some exceptions, and permission is needed to receive monies direct into your normal bank accounts.

The card can be used to pay bills, and can also be used to obtain cash from ATMs throughout the United States. The new SMIONE card began phasing in, in April 2011 and money is still available to be drawn after 2 days of receipt of child support by the bank.

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