Now I Built A Walkie Talkie Circuit. I Want To Circuit Diagram & It's Operations. What To Do?


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  • How they work
Really basic walkie talkies work by transmitting a on a frequency from an antenna on the device. These devices work on a half duplex channel. Working on a half duplex channel means that only one person will be able to talk and transmit the signal at a time. However, anybody tuned into the frequency will be able to listen in to what is being said. Hence, they're not very secure but good for basic interaction over a short distance, like in schools or hospitals.

On every walkie talkie device out there, there is a button, and the button is pressed when the individual wants to talk. This transmits the sound. If you want to listen to what the other person is saying then you don't press the button and you listen to what is being said on the other end. While you have that switch on, only you can say something and anybody tuned into the frequency will be able to hear it. Walkie talkies, usually are small handsets that you can use when you're traveling, and that's where the name 'walkie talkie' comes from. They're basic devices but can be useful in some situations.

  • Uses
Walkie talkies were originally used for military reasons, but they have now branched out and are used in many areas of life. Many people started using the devices on construction sites. These days, work sites still use the devices, but many of them have switched to cell phones. Given that cell phones are so much more efficient there are very few places left that really have a need left for walkie talkies. For more information, you can read about the history of the walkie talkie devices on the Wikipedia website.
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I Want To Circuit Diagram & It's Operations.

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