What's This About Selling Your Liver And Getting Tons Of Money? My Sister Was Telling Me About It. Is There A Site I Can Go For Details.. Just Curious Thnx


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You would not be selling your whole liver, just a part of it, what's taken out regrows into a new liver in the person that recieves it.   "With living donor liver transplantation, the healthy donor's liver regenerates to full size within a few weeks of operation, and there is no long-term impairment of liver function. The transplanted liver portion also regenerates, increasing in size to an appropriate match for the recipient."   from : www.mayoclinic.org   The other answers are right however, it is illegal to sell body parts, perfectly legal to donate them though.
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Addendum: Although illegal, it's still done, so no, your sister wasn't lying, as far as a website, google it......
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Have not heard this but pretty much see it as a hoax because the liver is one of the organs we need to live, so it this donating after death and if so who would get the money, they were trying to sell the same bill of goods for cloning, so I say don't believe the hype.....the best to you
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Lol thnx... My sister was dead serious i think someones messin with her too. Haha i thought it sounded insane!!! Thnx
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She is pulling your leg. It is illegal to sell or buy human parts. That is why you donate on your drivers license. Hope this helps you out.

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