How To Find The Url Of A Torrent?


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All you need to do is go to the torrent site you found your file on, when you get to the download link, right click and your drop down menu will appear, select copy link address from the menu or it may say copy link location, depending on your browser. Open up a fresh tab cut and paste your link into the address bar and your link should open for you to use as you want.

You may find that in some cases that the link will not work as it has private trackers, this is just a security measure that was implemented by the private site and is useful to protect against pass key theft. What you will need is a web based interface such as Torrentflux which will allow you to work it on a remote server, it’s free, scripted in PHP and uses a MySQL database which runs on a web server. 

So once you equate yourself with Torrentflux or any other web based tool, you will need to add the private tracker to it, this is done through the cookie management section on it. Another web-based tool is Torrific, which has evolved from BTaccel it, converts your torrent into a direct download. The disadvantage with them is they do not support trackers that need user authentication but they are happy to take suggestions to see what works and seemingly work through this issue.

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