How Do You Delete Facebook Games, Like Farmville And Stuff Like That?


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Alex Curly answered
> Click "Account" then "Privacy Settings"
> Near the bottom it should say "Apps and websites" in bold. Click "Edit your settings" underneath.
> Next to "Apps You Use" click "Edit settings"
> Click the cross ("x") to the far right of each app you wish to remove.
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Look  top-right sight side of your facebook account.
Click on account arrow and than on application settings.
A list of games will come and than find the game that you want to delete
and click on cross arrow.the cross will be the right side the game you want to delete.

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Go to account option in the right corner of your screen. Select application settings. A list will come, you may delete the applications you don't want
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Well mainly you can go to account manager x it. If it does not work refresh the page then something will pop up press yes wallah
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joyce hatton answered
Trying to rid myself of some games but I have tried what people here suggest like going into app settings but I for some reason don't have that setting? Would LOVE some advice
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Restaurant city
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You can download hyper Facebook remover from ' It is easy to use.
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Camille Burger answered
When on your homepage, click on the Account drop-down box, and then click on Application Settings.  From there you can delete any application (including games) from your profile and account.  There will be a list of every application you use, and on the far right there will be a link labeled "Remove."  Just click on it, confirm your decision, and it's gone.

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