What Strategies And Techniques Does Google.com Use To Motivate Their Employees And How They Incorporate Them?


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According to some internet postings about Google.com, the company uses a number of techniques to motivate staff in order to get the very best out of them. Some of these techniques may include the following:

- Google has a company policy of always encouraging staff to do more and to think outside the bubble. This is thought to generate more creativity and variation in every job.

- The company encourages a diverse workforce and invites people from all over the world and from different backgrounds to apply for positions. This is believed to bring more interest and opinions to the work force.

- Unlike many other multinational companies, Google does not have a formal hierarchical system in place. This means that all employees are considered to be at the same level as their peers which is believed to encourage better team work. It also means employees are more likely to offer their opinions and contribute.

- The company invests a lot of time in areas and services that employees can enjoy while on their lunch breaks. For example, there are numerous snack rooms, caf├ęs, gyms and even a 24 hour doughnut shop. Google believes in investing time and money in showing the employees they are valued members of the team.

- Further training and education is also encouraged for employees who want to develop and learn new skills.
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Google Inc. Is the world famous American public corporation, that specializes in Internet search and online advertising. The overall culture of the firm is as such that employees are always motivated to do more. The company supports innovation and abilities and skills. So people from all over the world can join the organization, based on their capabilities. There is no formal hierarchy, so everyone is at the same level and is open to speak his/her mind. This supports innovation and an open culture where employees do not face any threat. Employees have numerous workplace attractions that keeps them motivated like a 24 hour dough nut shop, Snack rooms, Google cafe, workout rooms, higher power workstations etc.
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Thank you for your answer to my question. I would love to work for Google, as well invest. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and there's no jobs available here currently.

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