Who Manufactured 'A Good Deal For A Tasty Meal' Logo With Top Hat On A Pyrex Type Dish?


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The answer to this is the McKee Brothers, although if you try to do any research on this company you are likely to find a range of different variants on this name.

  • McKee Brothers

The reason why there is a variety of 'McKee' names when it comes to the manufacturers of the glass dishes that bear the logo, 'a good deal for a tasty meal' with a picture of a top hat on them, is because there were many McKee brothers and many of them were involved in the glass making industry.

Sources agree that a least four of the brothers opened a factory in the 1930s, but it is thought that some of the brothers were involved in other factories as well.

Confusion goes as far as to say that one brother, Samuel, had links to another factory but the claims for the date of this involvement ranges from the mid 1930s to the 1950s.

  • Further confusion

The confusion about these brothers and their factories and products is further compounded by a variety of different spellings on some of the products. It is however, agreed upon that whatever the spellings and whatever the factories, the McKees were related and were linked together in the making of glassware.

  • Range of products

The McKee brothers didn't just manufacture glass dishes; they made a wide range of products such as bottles and jars, and also the glass for windows.

Some of these products can still be found today and collectors can buy them from places such as eBay. The prices for them vary because, as with anything that is collectable, the condition of the item is an integral part of the process.
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Pyrex glassware is an excellent example
of microwave safe, heat resistant glass that can also be baked. Even
Pyrex glass cannot withstand the intensity of direct heat, such as a
range or a broiler, for long, so don't use glassware with such heating
methods. Also, all glass is susceptible to thermal cooling shock (rapid
cooling, for example, dunking in cold water while hot) and may crack.

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