What Is A USB Composite Device?


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A USB Composite device is the one with multiple interfaces controlled independently of each other. When using such device multiple functions are combined into a single device, for example, a keyboard and mouse, USB hard disk and DVD writer etc. The aforementioned problem is faced not because some issues lays with the device, but with the slot the device is plugged into. The slot, clearly, is slower in speed than the device. This doesn’t stop device from working altogether, but device can perform better, i.e. Faster, if plugged into a slot with higher speed.

The USB comes in two versions with two different speeds. The older one is V1.1 with a speed of 12 megabit per second, whereas, the newer ones are V2.0 which are capable of 480 megabit per second. The second generation of USB is about 40 times faster than the first. Similarly, the interfaces to plug-in USB devices are also either version 1.1 or 2.0. A USB 2.0 interface will support 1.1 devices and vice versa. Now, the older computers usually have all 1.1 interfaces and newer computers have all 2.0 interfaces. Those who are plugging in a 2.0 device in a 1.1 interface are likely to get this message because when the device speed is limited due to limited interface capacity.

The difference between version 1.1 and 2.0 is a hardware difference hence cannot be mitigated through any kind of software up gradation. All the interfaces on your computer might be 1.1, so plugging into different interface might not help. However, an add-on or expansion card can be installed internally, through an empty PCI slot, to upgrade your ports to version 2.0 and enjoy the high USB speed.
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A USB Composite Device is any device which does more than one job - for example a combined keyboard and mouse. It applies to quite a lot of devices, so we would have to know what is actually plugged into your system.

However, in this case the question is not the device, but the sockets in your computer. There are two versions of USB in widespread use: USB 1 (usually USB1.1) and USB 2. USB 2 is much faster (40 times) than USB 1. A USB 2 device can work plugged into a USB 1 slot on the computer, but works at the slow speed. What your computer is telling you is that this is what is happening: A potentially fast USB 2 device (the Composite Device) has been plugged into a slow USB 1 slot.

It is likely that all the slots built in to your computer are the same speed, so if one is USB 1, then so are all the others. So what the computer is telling you is not very useful.
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Usb composite device needs up date
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A USB device with more than one interface on the first configuration is called a usb composite device. Here is a link for windows where you can get this problem sorted out:

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I have the exact question posed by Steven Deem. I clicked on the suport.microsoft.com link but it didn't answer the question.

If there is something I could do to make my computer perform faster I'd be most interested in knowing how.

Does the original question refer to an exterior modum or a Linksys System or just the mouse/keyboard, etc?

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