What Are The Disadvantages Of Gprs?


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Its disadvantages are: (1) GPRS packet loss phenomena occur. As the packet
switching connection is worse than the number of circuit-switched connection,
therefore, use the GPRS packet loss phenomena will occur. Moreover, since the
voice and GPRS services can not both use the same network resources, therefore,
for the time slot dedicated to the number of GPRS use more voice communications
can be provided to the less network resources. Limited capacity of the users of
its GPRS network does affect the existing cell capacity, for different purposes
in terms of limited radio resources available. For example, voice and GPRS calls
both use the same network resources, which is bound to produce some interference
with each other. The extent of its impact on the business depends on the number
of slots. Of course, GPRS can take dynamic management of the channel, and able
to send text messages in the GPRS channel to reduce the peak number of the
signaling channel. (2) the actual rate lower than the theoretical value, GPRS
data transfer rate to achieve the theoretical maximum 172.2kbps, must be only
one user occupy all eight time slots, and no protection against mistakes.
Operators gave all the eight time slots a user is obviously not possible. In
addition, the initial GPRS terminals are expected to be only support one, two or
three time slots, the bandwidth of a GPRS user will therefore be severely
restricted, so the theoretical maximum rate of GPRS networks and terminals will
be the reality conditions constraints. (3) termination of the Terminal does not
support wireless functions, the absence of any declared a major handset
manufacturer to support its GPRS wireless terminal to receive calls termination
functions, this would be whether the market can successfully GPRS from other
non-voice services market, grab the user's core problem. GPRS service is
enabled, users will pay for traffic services, GPRS terminal will load the WAP
browser. However, unauthorized content will be sent to the end user, even worse,
users pay for the spam. (4) modulation is not optimal, GPRS-based GMSK (Gaussian
Minimum-Shift Keying) modulation technique, compared to, EDGE modulation method
based on a new 8PSK (eight-phase-shift keying), which allows wireless interface
to support higher rates. 8PSK is also used for UMTS. If you want to transition
to network operators, third-generation, must at some stage to switch to a new
modulation. (5) there is switching delay, GPRS packet data sent by different
directions and eventually reach the same destination, then the data is
transmitted via wireless link may occur during one or several packet loss or
error situation.

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