How Does Microprocessor Work?


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A microprocessor is basically the brain of a computer. Like the brain it tells the rest of the body, or in this case the computer, what to do. A microprocessor is made up of millions of transistors. Transistors can carry out different functions but most importantly they can amplify a signal, which means they can make it greater, and they can change a signal. The signal that it amplifies is generally power, so a transistor, and therefore a microprocessor, can create a more powerful signal. Transistors were used to amplify sound in speakers, which made the sound louder. A similar function is carried out in computers. They can also, as stated, change a signal. In this capacity they can be seen as a switch. For a simple example a transistor could be used to turn something on or off in a computer. So whenever a programme is shut down a transistor would be commanding that programme to switch from on to off. This function therefore has lots of applications as an on or off function is therefore an instruction that takes place. In the case of a written document the transistor can switch between different letters that are being typed.
     Microprocessors operate by way of binary code. This is a code made up of 1s and 0s. A specific command would have a specific set of code to go with it. Going back to the example of the computer turning something on or off we could assign the ‘on’ function with a 1 and the ‘off’ function with a 0. So in simple terms when something is shut down the microprocessor would be sending a 0 out, by way of a transistor, to the programme, which as it receives the 0 would shut down. Another useful way to understand it would be to think of Morse code. In this, combinations of dots and dashes create different meanings or instructions. A microprocessor does just this sending out 1s and 0s as instructions.
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Microprocessor is the brian of the is the main component of pc.on a single lsi chips fabricates 40 pins.the clock speed is 3 mhz.
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Microprocessor is the heart of your computer and is the central processing unit also know as CPU. It is a computational unit and without it your computer can't work. For detailed information about Microprocessor working, visit the following links.
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A microprocessor is basically a digital electronic part which can be programmed, and which accommodates the practical applications of a CPU( Central Processing Unit) on a solitary semi conducting integrating circuit or IC. The birth of a microprocessor took place by a compression of the word size of a CPU, from 32 bits to 4 bits, so that the transistors of the logic circuits would take up all the space on a single part. Generally, one or more than one microprocessors are used as the CPU in a computer structure, an embedded structure or a hand held gadget.

The working of a microprocessor is a very complicated process, involving technological procedures which are too complex to cover in this particular discussion.

One cannot be sure of who came up with the technology first, it seemed like three companies came up with it at around the same time frame, namely Intel, Texas Instruments and Garrett AiResearch.

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