A Computer Costs 500 Today Relative To A Cost Of 1,500 Some Ten Years Ago. What Is The Price Differences?


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As technology changes and advances, the cost of making components goes down. As well, new materials, smaller processors, and hot new compounds lower the price of computer systems. In addition, most computer manufacturers keep abreast of economic changes and price their products accordingly. In a recessionary economy, it's just not wise to gouge consumers by charging astronomical mark-ups for computer systems.

  • Companies price for the modern marketplace

Companies like Dell (a huge computer manufacturer) even offer clients access to cheap systems that customers can pay down month by month - in some cases, with a company like Dell, it's possible to own a great computer system for about 12 or 13 dollars per month. This type of financing is indicative of corporations desire to sell more units by opening up affordability at their shops and websites.

  • Manufacturing has changed

Since manufacturing has changed, it's way easier to make components inexpensively, so it's also easier for companies to pass these savings on to the end-user, who can get more for his or her money than they could even have dreamed of just ten years ago. As well, many computer companies trim costs by outsourcing manufacturing, customer care call centres, and other affiliated services to India or China, where the cost of labour is traditionally much more affordable. In fact, lots of computers are made in other countries, even when they are promoted as American brands. Seeing where your computer is made is as easy as checking the label on the box during a purchase.

To learn more about the way computer manufacturing has changed, consider studying computer science or another related field. By tracing changes in the manufacture of processors and other important components, it's possible to see the bigger picture and understand how the business of making and selling computers has changed.

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