My Washing Machine Is Not Holding Water?


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Check the drain hose. If the drain hose is more than 6 inches down, it will start to auto siphon. Auto siphon means whill its filling its draining at the same time. If the drain hose is installed correctly check for the timer stalling,any leaks, also for unusual noise.
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It can happen when a drain hose is placed a much down in the drain pipe or when it is lying in flat position on floor or is laid in a way same height as machine is.
You need to see that your drain hose is no more than about 12 inches, down, in the drain pipe or in more easy words keep it vertically or in a way above the machine level.
The timer is the "master control" system for a washing machine.  It controls which valves are open at what times.  That being said the problem is likely either with the timer or with the electric valve connected to the drain hose.  Here is a site that shows how to do basic repairs:
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I have had a similar problem check your washer tub real good there could be a hole or holes some where that is causing the leak,or you could need a tub boot. .....Good luck
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It happened to me before, maybe you dropped some coin into your washing'd better call someone to help you out.
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Top load washer - 7 years old.  The water fills at the start of the cycle as normal, but will not stay in tub.  All water drains out under the washer and will not stay in tub.  Checked drainage hose to make sure it was connected and it seems to be fine.  Why won't the tub hold water???  Thanks for any suggestions.

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