What Are The Different Types Of Electronic Media?


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Electronic media is anything that is used to advertise or promote that is run by electricity. This is quite a wide subject and there are many different things that fall into this category. There are more and more channels for electronic media that come out as our technology grows and expands.

Here are just a few types of electronic media;

  • Radio
The radio is the oldest form of electronic media. There are hundreds of thousands of radio stations across the world and advertisements are frequent features on most of these. Advertising on radio dates back almost one hundred years and is the first form of spoken advertisement rather than a printed advertisement.

  • TV
Television provides us with the highest volume of electronic media advertising. There are hundreds of advertisements shown on each channel per day and some slots are sold for millions to the advertisers as they will have such a high audience to watch their ad.

Television is the most popular medium for companies to advertise but the space is expensive and many companies will not be able to afford to advertise during prime time.

  • Internet
Advertising on the internet has become increasingly popular as you can advertise to your target audience. Space can be bought on websites that the target customers would use and data can be collected about how many people clicked on the ad. This will give the company figures and statistics about how successful the advertising has been.

  • Electronic advertising
Advertising on screens at bus stops, shopping centers and on ATM screens have also increased in the last decade. These usually advertise amenities and shops that are close by so that consumers will have them fresh in their minds when they are in the area.
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Different types of Electronic Media




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Audio and Video Podcast, Youtube, Blogs, Websites, TV, Radio

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