How Have Games Changed From The Time When You Were A Child?


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Games have changed a lot of from the time when I was a child. For example, too many new kinds of games have appeared, numberous sport centres have built, so on. As the result, we have many choices to participate in playing sport.
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A great
change has taken place actually. When I was a child, there were not a lot of
interesting toys or facilities, so we used to play very simple games, mainly
outdoor activities. But today, thanks to computers and the internet, the video
games and online games are available everywhere. Most of children are crazy
about them.

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Compared to the past  sport has changed scientifically. Also when I was child we did not have any sport facilities. In fact we always played piggy in the middle or played football inside or outside the house. 

Nowadays lots of sport centers have been built. So there is a good chance that people will take part.

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Games have undergone a sea change from our childhood days. Who would ever have thought there would be something like 3D games in the future? Take for instance, DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon movies. There's an entire website devoted to dragon games related to the movie, with the actual characters of the 3D movie in it! To think we used to be wide-eyed at the antics of Aladdin and his magical genie in those days, wondering how on earth could a genie fit into such a small lamp seems almost laughable now! Technology has totally transformed the way we look at games in the present day and age. And well, the choices are endless.

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There are some huge differences. The first thing to mention is that now it's possible to play online even in a browser window if we are talking about games like for example. In my childhood, I couldn't even imagine that fifteen years after video games would become something ordinarily, available to everyone.

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Well, I can start with the fact that when I was a child, I didn't care about money at all, and was allowed to play only free games. Right now, I can afford to play games with real money, and is my favorite platform to profit from. I didn't even know that it was possible in the past.

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