Does Anyone Have A Mr Skin Account?


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Unfortunately there is not a legal way to access the full site and membership area of the Mr Skin website unless you pay the fee.

However over the last few years many adult websites have sprung up which offer their entire site and all their content for free. Therefore, if you are after adult material for free, you could always try websites such as and

The sites mentioned above stream thousands of adult clips, normally around 20 to 30 minutes in length for free. The sites make their money from the advertising that is placed all around the site and on the pop-up ads when you first arrive on the website.

There are also many free adult movies available to download on file-sharing sites and software. However, this should always be considered with caution. Downloading content from unknown sources leaves your computer very vulnerable for virus attacks. This can cripple your computer and make you lose all your work. They can also include viruses that hack into your personal information which can obviously be disastrous. Therefore visiting sites like the ones mentioned earlier is probably the wisest thing to do. It is free and should not affect your computer's health.

If you share a computer and don't want the other person to find out about the adult sites you visit, then you will need to delete the browser history. This is pretty simple to do, you just need to click on the 'tools' option on the top of your browser then select 'delete browser history'. Also, some browsers now have the option of 'private browsing' which means none of the websites you visit will show up on the computer history if this option is activated.

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