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For entertainment and quality sound, the Sony Xplod offers unrivalled quality in sound production. For this reason, most cars are fitted with this device. The complexity and modern application that comes with this device makes it match the most recent mobile entertainment technologies. With the capability of receiving input from digital sources such as iPod and universal serial bus storage devices, users are left with a wide selection to choose from.

In cases of fitting failures, one needs to have an understanding of how the Sony Xplod colour code works and what wires represent what. For instance, the battery live wire is designated by a red colour, with yellow representing ignition live. Earthling is done with the black one while illumination is enabled by the connection of the orange coded wire.

With the wires above in place, speaker wires are to be attached. The reading of the cable and speaker icons which display what should be where on the actual code may also be done. For instance, purple would designate the rear right, green rear left, white front right and grey front .left. With this, correct connections would be achieved leading to the sounds being enabled. The colour code boosted by the car on the other hand would be another issue. This is key for instance when installing the Sony Xplod in a car where the wiring is not standard. The speakers color code would clash with the car’s color code. However, despite this risk, short circuiting is not a possibility since the power connections are normally uniform and clearly outlined. The audio in and audio out jerks may be mismatched. The most common mismatch is where the red color code and the yellow code in the car fail to yield results with the same color code on the wires. To eradicate this, they are normally interchanged as there stands no chance for a short-circuiting to occur. When there is a failure in voice production even after cross checking the circuits, an expert’s help may assist one in fixing the issue, hence it is important to consult technicians in your area.
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I have a 1995 Honda Accord DX , I had a Sony CDX GT23w Explod in dash stereo   installed and the only way the stereo works is if you turn on the parking lights or head lights.
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Anonymous answered it is very difficult to get a free manual of sony xplod cdx-r3000 as it is very new. It is best to go to the website written before and check the manual for your application. Then you can study the wiring mechanism for your sony xplod. The manual would make it very easy for you to check all the process in detail and do it as it should be done.

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