How Much Is The Typical Domestic Bill For Gas, Electricity, Or Solid/oil-fired Heating?


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The numbers depend a lot on your supplier.  It's worth shopping around and there quite a few websites to help you do so (, for example.  You will usually pay less if you pay by direct debit, too.

That said, sometimes prices just are high in your area.  For electricity, London comes in as the most expensive city in the UK (surprise, surprise), with average electricity bills around �1000 for any type of household.  Outside of London, prices are more like �400-�800 annually for lekki.

Gas averages around �700 across the country (it varies less by region than electricity).

Only four years ago (2002) average annual gas and electricity bills in the UK were less than �600 combined.

Average cost per annum for the average house using oil for heating was less than �500 in 2004, but that price has now soared to about �1000 per year.  Solid-fuel heating tends to be less, at the moment.

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