How Can I Tell If My Dryer Is Gas Or Electric?


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On the basis that these two types of dryers get their power from different sources, you should be able to identify the type by taking a simple look at the rear of your dryer.

Dryers are light and you should easily be able to pull it out from the wall so you can have a look at it. Whilst both electric and gas dryers require electricity to operate, gas dryers also require a professionally-installed gas hook-up from your gas supply. This will be quite recognisable, and of course there will always be a gas shut-off valve, which will be easy to reach. The shut-off valve should be turned to the ‘off’ position before moving it out from the wall completely, as the gas supply pipe may become disconnected. Gas pipes are often easily identifiable and usually yellow in colour.

Also, if it is an electric dryer, the power input will be larger than what a normal household electricity socket provides, so the wall socket will almost definitely be larger than usual. The power supply should 220V.

If you do not have access to the back of your dryer for whatever reason, a good idea would be to note the model number and brand of your dryer and contact the manufacturer for guidance. The big white good manufacturers will definitely have a hotline, often on a ‘0800’ number, which you will be able to ring in order to speak to someone who knows exactly what powers your particular dryer.

This would be a good idea too if you are worried about disconnecting any gas pipes by pulling it out. There is no better solution than phoning the company up to receive sound and professional advice.
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Look to see if there is a gas line going to it. If it is electric it will be plugged into a large recepticle in the wall. If it is gas you will see a gas line, and a smaller electric cord plugged into a regular 120v wall outlet.
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One of the easiest ways to determine whether you have a gas or electric dryer is to look at the plug and outlet. An electric dryer will have a grounded 240v electrical outlet that will look like the one pictured in the graphic above. The plug will be larger than a standard plug and will include either three- or four-prongs. An electric dryer requires higher voltage because it’s using electricity to create the heat and power the drum, control panel and light, hence the larger plug and higher voltage outlet.

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If your dryer is gas, it'll have a plug usually 120v, an exhaust pipe and a 3/8 gas pipe on one of the bottom corners in back and an electric will have a plug and an exhaust pipe.

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