What Are The Basic Concepts Of Direct Selling?


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Hi direct selling is a kind of selling directly the products to people from the manufactory, it doesn't need to get it to the wholesale and no representative too, it sell directly of their products to people, in business is complex sometimes, as they need their benefit so having many complications, the main is to have profit in it .
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Ask questions to learn what the customer wants. Listen well to their answers.
Communicate the benefits your product will provide that satisfy the customer's wants.
Communicate the price to the customer.
Answer any questions, and overcome any objections by offering additional benefits.
Ask them to buy from you now.
If they say "no", ask them why, and then communicate additional benefits that will make your product more attractive.
Ask them to buy again.
That's it.
A book, Alphabetical Basic Concepts of Selling, is a good place to learn about direct selling.

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