Where Do I Go To Get Replacement Parts For My Foreman Grill? I Need The Handles For The Grilleration. I Dropped It Accidentally.


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Although it is unusual, some companies cover accidents within a certain time period in their warranty so if you still have a copy of the warranty it may be worth checking before looking to actually pay for replacement parts. 

Alternatively you may want to check your home insurance policy as it is not unknown, albeit unusual, for insurance companies to cover minor accidents and kitchen appliances. Failing that, one of the best places to look for replacement parts is the online group Partmaster.  You can visit their website at www.partmaster.co.uk or phone them on 0844 800 3456. 

It is worth noting however, that only stock parts for items in the United Kingdom and Ireland and only deliver within these countries also.  Furthermore they do not advertise all their items on their website, although they do provide an ‘Accessory/Part Enquire’ form as well as several means of contacting them. 

The first question on the FAQ encourages users to submit an enquiry via the form in the event that the item is not listed on the site.  If this proves unsuccessful, it may be worth contacting the George Foreman Company directly.  While they may not make the product or stock parts, they may be able to put you in contact with someone that does. 

However, many companies may be unwilling to do this and/or you may find the parts strangely expensive, the reason being that some companies are concerned that people will gather individual parts and assemble the items themselves to avoid paying the company directly.  Depending on your DIY skills and your interest in the look of your grill, you may want to consider whether you can put together an alternative.  Makeshift handles may work as well and may prove less of a headache than trying to find replacements.
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Try the website and if nothing else send them an email from the contact us section
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If you have your papers that came with the grill they should tell where you can get replacement parts so try that .
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Where do I get replacement part for My george Foreman Lean Meat Fat Grilling Machine. The Model Number is GRP99. The part is the Upper Grilling Plate Release Handles.

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