What Are Microsoft's Aims And Objectives?


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The current aims and objectives of Microsoft to create technology that users will adopt and enjoy on a large scale, across platforms and mediums.

Microsoft's aims and objectives now are probably very different than they were when the company were first starting out, or even 10 or 15 years ago, because of the rapid rise in popularity of Apple in recent years, and the development of technology such as mobile phones and MP3 players.

There's also a growing demand from people to interact intuitively with their computers, something that probably wasn't as much of a consideration when Microsoft first launched.

During the mid '80s when they released the early versions of Windows, their objectives were to be the biggest and most successful operating system developers for this relatively new and, at the time, unsaturated market. 

And they did. They had, and continue to have by far the largest majority of operating system's market share.

This allowed them to diversify, and move into other areas:

Software, such as MS Office

Gaming - The Xbox

Mobile phones- Windows phones

For this reason I would now say that Microsoft's objectives are to produce innovative and popular technology across a range of multimedia platforms.

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