How To Turn A Girl On Over The Phone?


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To turn a girl on over the phone really depends on what the girl likes. Some girls like a man/boy to speak romantically to them, to let them know how much they love them, this can turn girls on as it shows that you are not afraid to say how you feel about them.

Other girls may prefer you to talk ‘dirty’ to them. One method is to text the things you want to do to them, through the day so that by the time they finally get to see you they are extremely turned on. Another method that can be used is to ‘sext’ which is where individuals text each other messages of sexual fantasies, of things they would like to do, describing in detail where you would touch her and how you would touch.

A further method is to remind them of times that you have been together and the pleasure that you both felt at that time. Describing were you where and the things you did. Again this is the same as texting about fantasies, which if you describe well can turn a girl on very well. You can text about places you would like to be, like in public, at the beach or certain role plays.

Another thing you can do is have sex over the phone, here you can describe again the fantasies you would both like or talk through past times. As well as talking and texting you can take pictures of yourself and them to her. Here you can take pictures of yourself nude or with certain clothes you know she likes to see you. These can be easily sent but it is wise to remember that you may want to delete any of these of your phone in case any one reads or sees them while also checking to make sure you are sending them to the correct person.
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Whisper rasply sweet buggerall. Don't let somebody else eat the ripe fruit of your labor?

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I like being told what you want to/are going to do to me. Especially when it is unexpected. Give me a tight hug, and tell me you cant wait til we are alone so you can fuck me? Stuff like that? I'll be a puddle.

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Then how did the men who run escort agencies start and their agencies are thriving?

I’m not trying to argue, and I understand you wouldn’t want to work with an agency run by a ran, but I know most of the agencies I’ve come across in the West Midlands are run by men? Maybe I’m wrong I just assume if a man with no escorting experience can set up an agency a female could with no experience aswell. My experience was there -
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You know, your girl will never spend her time on her phone when she's with you if she likes you. If she doesn't, you will not change it. So, try to find someone of this site who will really like you. You know, it will save you from many problems.

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Talk about all the things you want to do to her in a soft voice not leaving any detail out
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Talk sexy to her, girls love it when you comment their shoes or hair, accessories and stuff!!! Get her in the mood by telling her that if you were there you would be rubbing all over her legs and stuff lol and that you r going to do what ever she lets you do to her..... It always works for me!!!
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Well to make her really wet talk about sex and how you want to taste and lick tht sweet p****

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