Has Anyone Figured Out An Unlock Code For An LG Shine Mobile Phone Yet?


3 Answers

ian owens Profile
ian owens answered
This phone number unblocks any phone in the UK but am not sure if it works outside of the UK. The number is 09065753600. Be warned though as it costs £1.50 per minute and last approx 6 minutes. Also make sure you have pen and paper handy as it gives you some numbers to write down and it says it quite fast.
Jerry Smotherman Profile
Many mobile phones come set as 7777 9999 0000 the last four numbers of the original phone number the phone was programed for or the last four digits of the original owners SS number (in the US).
MAN PAT Profile
MAN PAT answered
I know how to unlock any phone take battery out put phone on the floor smash it with sledgehammer phone is open problem solved anymore questions

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