What Are The Different Kinds Of Software Piracy Present Today?


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A lot of Piracy techniques are present today and each of the techniques when basic idea, to earn a living. The most common type of Piracy which takes places at every corner of the world is by end users who buy a single copy and use it for multiple computers, even though the license is granted for only single computer. Though its piracy, many who are involved in it doesn't consider as they consider the copy they have bought as their asset and believe that they hold the rights to do any thing with it.

A second kind of software piracy also includes the organization where by a network administrator may allow its colleagues to copy and install the software from an FTP server or from a network location.

A third kind of piracy which is widely being used these days is through internet and may occur mostly in the exchange of movies. P2P networking is used to transfer movies and software's which are also available for legal download on Internet. However, users' people prefer to download it for free.

A fourth way of piracy is by computer retailers who for the sake of attracting customers fill up the hard-disk with software, games and movies. This happens regularly in game consoles such as Sony PSP, where by game retailers download games for a cheap price making way for game maniacs to save there buck in having to buy the expensive games.

The last way of piracy is what happens in most developing countries and that too on a large scale. Copies of Compact disk being sold in Open markets! This kind of piracy hurts the artist, organization the most, as the user gets the all time copy which means one less copy sold by the company.

All in all, what ever the type of software piracy it may be, at the end of the day, it is stealing.

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