How Can You Make A Simple Telephone?


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The telephone has become so very common these days that we hardly bother ourselves about how it works. We just find it there, lift the receiver and start talking to anybody anywhere any time. A telephone is a facility indeed. It has not only reduced distances, it has given a great impetus to business also.

The principle on which the telephone is based is by no means unfamiliar to you. You must have played the game yourselves.

Let's try it again. Take two small tin-cans with their tops off. One for you and one for your partner. Make a little hole in the bottom of your can. Put a string through this hole and tie a knot inside. Do the same thing with the other end of the string and the other can. Now you have a simple telephone set of your own, a plaything though. Speak into the can. Your voice will make the bottom of this can vibrate. If you hold the string firmly, you'll feel the vibrations travelling along it. These vibrations make the bottom of the can vibrate, too, and it makes sounds similar to your voice. You can thus hear each other through the string.

The existing telephonic system has revolutionized the world. Its far better than this simple telephone but the idea was come by the great Alexander Graham Bell and now we are progressing by leaps and bounds.

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