What Is Program Logic Formulation?


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Program logic formulation is the phrase used for planning in advance how to complete a task. It can apply to a recipe, a computer task or building a house or road.
  • Preparation
When you are presented with a task or challenge, rather than doing the first thing that springs to mind it's best to spend some time to consider your approach. Understand the task, identify the main problems and issues and how you can overcome them to achieve your target. By putting together a logical series of actions you should be able to complete the task in the most efficient manner.Regardless of the complexity of a task, there will be some aspects of it that appear simple and straightforward and others that will be require greater thought and time to overcome. By scheduling around these issues you should be able to complete the task without major delays.
  • Construction
An example would be constructing a garden path. Rather than just laying the slabs, you have to look at the ground it is going to cover and plan the straightest flattest route. By preparing the ground below and placing stones along the route you will be best placed to lay the slabs. With the slabs ready to be placed you can prepare the concrete. As each slab is placed you will seal the gap with concrete.Looking at each step of this job, anticipating the problems and preparing the solutions allows the job to be completed as smoothly as possible.
  • Process
This process can be related to any job - analyzing and planning is time well spent rather than rushing in and doing the first thing that springs to mind. Planning and anticipating is the key to program logic formulation.

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