What Are The Contributions Of Charles Babbage?


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Babbage is widely considered to be the 'father of the computer' meaning that his contribution is that, thanks to his work, computer technology has advanced and become incredibly important in today's society.

• The life of Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was born on 26th December and died on 18th December 1871. He was a famous English mathematician, inventor, mechanical engineer and philosopher. He originated the concept of a computer that is programmable and will function on its own. He is credited with investing and creating the very first mechanical computer that later led to more complex and innovative designs that have resulted in the huge range of computers we have today.

Parts of uncompleted designs created by Babbage are currently on display in London, in the London Science Museum.

In the early 1990s, a complete and perfectly working difference engine was created working from Babbage's original concepts and designs. It was built precisely to tolerances that were achievable in the 19th century when he would have created it. The success of this engine indicated that Babbage's designs would have actually worked if they were created during the time. In 2000, the London Science Museum completed the printer that Babbage had designed for his tolerance engine. It was an incredibly complex device for a time as early as the 19th century.

The money of Babbage's father allowed him to have a great education, studying in many schools and with many tutors during his early education. Around aged eight, too, we was sent to the country school in Alphington which is near Exeter, and here he recovered from a then life-threatening fever. His parents had ordered that his bran was not to be taxed too much, and Babbage had felt like 'this idleness may have caused some of my childish reasoning'.

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