How Can I Check My Broadband Speed?


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  Checking and knowing your broadband speed all the time is very important. You should be able to know how much browsing speed and download speed you are getting at all times. The reason why it is important to know is because; you should not be paying more than what you are getting.

  If you are getting less speed than what you are paying, you have the right to sue your internet provider for fraud. In order to check your speed you can call your internet provider and provide your account number. They will tell you your current broadband speed.

  The other way of knowing your broadband speed is to go to and check it. On this website you can check your broadband speed and your download speed as well by choosing your nearest server.
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You can check by the following steps.

1. Download the Mozilla Firefox
2. Download the Add on

Add on Information.

Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics 1.0.3

It will Test speed of your Broadband connection and provide troubleshooting.
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You can also go to This is a free site and really wonderful. Checks out your entire computer and will make the changes for you too. I highly recommend it.
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has a free Internet speed or bandwidth tool that checks against other services from Dialup, DSL, Digital Cable, Satellite to T1 business Internet services...

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