What Is End-user Development?


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End-user development is a systems development effort in which the user is primarily responsible for the development of the system. This is in contrast to other types of development listed here, in which a qualified computer professional, such as a systems analyst, takes charge of the systems development process. End user development is feasible only when the system being acquired is relatively inexpensive. A good example is when a user purchases a PC and develops applications on his or her own. In developing the system, he user might follow a pro typing approach or a method similar to traditional development.
Certain changes exist when users develop their own systems. Among these are users not enforcing proper security measures in their systems, user systems interfacing with other systems within the organization, and users building systems that neither rthey nor the organization can effectively support. Nonetheless, when computer professional within an organization are too overloaded to build small important systems to help users, end-user development may be the only alternative. End-users development refers to system development carried out by users. End-user development is the development which is done by End-users.
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End user development employs tools, techniques, and methodologies designed to speed application development
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End-user development or EUD is research topic found relevant in the area of computer science. It pertains to how a user of particular software can extend or acclimatize it to suit his needs. By virtue of an End User Development, non-professionals in the field of programming or web-development can create or modify software.

The EDU has a set of techniques and activities which aid them in doing so. EDU is not restricted to just programming. It also involves making and modifying web pages in HTML format. You can also find End User Development in use while making 3D models with the aid of end-user oriented tools. Macro programming found in Office Suite and the creation and modification of spreadsheets are common examples of end-user development.
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The adoption and use of information technology by personnel outside the information systems department to develop software applications in support of organizational tasks.

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End-user development (EUD) or end-user programming (EUP) is a set of techniques and tools that allow users of software systems, people who are not professional software developers and non-professional to create, modify, or extend a software artifact. EUD enables end users who are not professional developers to design or customize the user interface and functionality of software. This is valuable because end users know their own context and needs better than anybody else, and they often have real-time awareness of shifts in their respective domains.  To hire experienced on-demand developer, visit:

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