I Am Holding A 'Jack N Jill' For My Sister And Her Fiance. I Am Looking For Some Really Good Ideas To Make The Night Special And Unforgetable. I Am Having A Hard Time Finding A Good Website With Ideas. If You Have Any Good Ideas And You Please Let Me Know?


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Have a few poker tables you can make a bride and groom game up*** take a deck of cards put then on the bristol bord and on the 2 jokers you wright bride and on the other one groom, you then sell each card for like 3 or 4$$ then you get the person o wright thire name on it,once they are all sold you turn it over and who ever the winner is get the prize***
I am doing this this weekend is my jack n jill and the prize for this game is to baskets filled one with lady stuff and the other with guy stuff

then the same game but insted of calling it bride and groom we called it where are the jokers!!*and the 2 prizes for that game is 50 gift card and a basket of liquor*

we will also have a 50 50 draw and another basket my soon to be mother inlaw is making up.
And also 2 poker tables where to play its 25$ buy ins 5$ goes to us and winner takes all !!

Lots of food dancing and drinks:)
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To fully enjoy your 'Jack n Jill' party you have to take following ideas:

1-You should have some prizes and games like money tree and card box etc so people have interest in the party.
2-Make plenty of appetizers and snacks available.
3-Find a place for this party which is easily reachable for everyone.
4-Make bar b que,grill and steaks etc
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I think the most successful jack n Jill's are the ones where there are plenty of games to play, good music to listen and dance to, and good snacking food and beverages

Typically, successful pay a fee to get into the jack n jill ($10 or $15).  You successful sell tickets before hand to ensure that you have a good turn out.  The jack n Jill's I have been to have a lot of raffles (buy an arms length of tickets for $10 or something) and then they put it in the draws for which they'd like to win.  There are also drink tickets you can purchase, 50/50 draws, card games like joker poker.  Basically any game you can think of can be played to raise money.  The point is to make sure everyone is having fun, and there is something to do for everyone.
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Actually you need to change your terminology. The most common use of the term "Jack & Jill Party" is where people get together to engage in mutual masturbation. I don't think this is what you have in mind, so stop calling it a "Jack 'n Jill Party" as you may be giving people the wrong idea.

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