Does Anyone Make A Microwave With A Right Hand Door Swing?


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To find a microwave oven with a right hand door hinge is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Right-handed Microwaves dominate the market but there are a couple of companies that cater for the left-handed market, at least in the commercial and high-end domestic ranges. These manufacturers are FIMAR, NEFF and BONN.

  • Commercial and high-end models? What about a regular domestic one?
Apparently not. If a left-handed microwave is what is needed then I'm afraid a premium needs to be paid.

  • Why, because it's left-handed?
Probably not, it's more likely due to the quality and reliability of the brands themselves, and the fact that they're made for industrial use.

  • How much does they cost then?
The model CM-900T from BONN is the cheapest found, and will be likely to cost in excess of $400. The FIMAR F900 will set you back around $600, while the NEFF Series 3 Microwave Oven and Grill, only available in the UK is priced at over £500, which equates to over $800 (not including shipping nor the cost of replacing your house if it burns down due to being an incompatible voltage). BONN models CM-1041 and CM-1002T retail between $900 and $1400 respectively.
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I have been looking for one and have no result in over 2 years. Panasonic say there is no call for one so they do not do one. I said to them that perhaps they should consider it! They haven't though..Whirlpool & LG do a drop down door though perhaps this would be a good idea?
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I think Electrolux does
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Try this, just out!
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