Where Can I Get Coupons For Rave Motion Picture Theater?


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Rave motion pictures coupons can be obtained directly from the theaters that Rave operates, or online at their official site.

• Ask for the director's discount club promotion

This is a cheap way to watch large amounts of movies over a specific time period. There are two options available. The unrestricted ticket allows the viewer unlimited access to standard features in any Rave theater. To be eligible to purchase this ticket, the person must have visited and bought at least 50 tickets prior to becoming a member of the discount club.

The cheaper version, the restricted ticket, is the same, but films that have just been released cannot be watched for 2 weeks. This is also beneficial as it means that queuing will not be needed, you can simply flash the ticket and in you go.

• Who are Rave?

Rave Motion Pictures were founded in 1999, and is the most modern of the theater chains in the United States. The company is constantly expanding and now has over 60 theaters in 20 states across the country. This means that the company has nearly 1,000 screens across the country. The theaters all have at least one screen that can show 3D films, and all screens are 100% digital.

• Website

It is worth checking the website regularly to check for further special offers and discounts. The website address is, and you are also able to book tickets at this site.

Group bookings and events can also be booked online through this site, and current and upcoming screenings are listed for each individual theater across the country. There is also an online store that enables you to purchase gift cards and discounted offers.
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If you click here you will see a number of offers including coupons for Rave Motion Pictures. You could have a look at the discounts and offers and see if you can find a good deal there.

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