How Do You Get An Electric Shock?


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Electric shocks are normally caused by getting in contact with stripped wire, which is active and has particular amount of current. It can also happen by short circuits, and many other ways. If a wire is lying down on the ground and is passing current the area of ground may circulate current around on the floor.
Adults and teenagers are prone to shock, especially high voltage. About 1000 people die every year. Variables decide what damage may occur to a shock victim. A variable means the kind of current, which is the reason for the shock. There are different types or variables. These variables also include AC or DC. AC and DC are determined by the amount of their voltage. And the way the current utilizes to run through the body. Low voltage electricity is the current which is less than 500 volts and High voltage electricity is the current with more than 500 volts. Normally Low voltage electricity does not result in major injuries to human body. However, high voltage electricity has the capacity to harm a person significantly.
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You get an electric shock by doing something stupid like hitting a metal pole with electricity in it

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