How Do You Improve A Power Factor?


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There are ways with the use of which you can improve your power factor and prime among them is the installation of capacitors or capacitors banks. When you delve into the details of the functioning of capacitors you will find it to be composed of two parts or electrodes that have the separation with the use of insulator. When the receiver in it is used to sinusoidal voltage it starts shifting its current and in consequence the power is increased by 90 volt.

The procedure that I have given to you is a bit complex and to execute it well I would like to recommend you to visit a website where you can find the procedure to be explained with diagram and you can understand the procedure well. The address of the website is following:
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My input is ac, I m using a rectifier to convert it into dc then where should I connected my capacitor bank?? After the rectifier or before the rectifier? And what r there consequences?

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