What Are The Harmful Effects Of Television ?


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Well this seems to be a very interesting questions. All of us can come with thousands of answers for advantages of television. Some would say it's the gateway of knowledge and others would say it's a source of entertainment and helps in relaxing an individual. But when it comes to negative effects all of us start wondering; are there any harmful effects? Well recent studies have shown that television can be harmful in a number of ways not only for mental but as well as physical health.

Watching late night shows has been connected with poor sleeping patterns in individuals. This result in less concentration by these individuals during daytime, they are less alert and are usually subjected to emotional trauma.

Recent results have shown a strong relationship between time spent in front of the television and weight issues. Nowadays people have turned into couch potatoes; all they do is watch television and eat. There is no exercise in their life hence no burning of calories takes place. This not only has an effect of their physical health but also can have a mental disadvantage if tend to become obese.

TV helps in promoting violence in the society. Most of the people can't differentiate between reality and drama.
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According to me,
television is a very use full thing for us. But, by taking advantages of it we forgot that there are so many disadvantages also. Television promote some dangerous kind of rays, which are not good for us.
Secondly, it is not necessary that television all ways provide only good deeds or things. Watching something wrong also effects chil's mental posture.
As I am only a student of class 9, I know only this much...
I hope, that my point of view will bring a ray of awareness to someone.
Thank you.
vidhi sharma.
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  • Bad vision or sight.
  • Uncomfortable-ness.
  • Fidgeting.
  • Sore legs or arms or bottoms.
  • Addiction to watching TV.
  • Bad hearing.
  • Sometimes makes you sleepy.
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In other ways t.v can be harmful.For example,some children have television on their bedroom hat stop their studies.secondly,children should not be inside watching t.v or playing video games for more than 2hours it can harmful your health.

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