How Would You Differentiate Between Customer And Consumer? What Role Would You Expect From A Husband, A Wife, And Their Young Children (as Customer/consumer) To Play In The Purchase Of The Following Items? 1. Stationery 2. Choice Of A Fast-food Outlet For Dinner 3. Personal Computer 4. Automobiles 5. Home Interiors


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Customer is the one who purchases the product or the services whereas the consumer is the end user of that product. For stationery, husband and wife are the customers and the children are the consumers. Choice of food outlet has husband as the customer and all the family members as consumers. For personal computer, husband or wife could be the customer and the child who has to use the computer is the consumer. For automobiles, husband or wife is the customer and all the family members are consumers. For home interiors, Wife should be the customer and also the consumer.

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