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Twitterverse is a project being conducted by creators Ideacodes. It is conglameration of a lot of data being tracked by Ideacodes. The purpose of the project is discovering from a comments section and blog what are the most used words each day of the week. Several of the pages are just pages of many words typed all over the page. There is a search page where you can enter any word and receive a page including comments made by teens and young adults, who add "twits" on this site. The project searching for the word typed in the search bar.

Rather than use words like blog, blogging or blogger this site uses, tweets, twitter, twits, twittering and twitterverse. The definition given for twitterverse is "the lastest mashup of the increasingly popular Twitter." Twitter is the name used for the person running the website. Twitterverse is also defined as "a mashup and visualization project, which mines and archives the public timeline of Twitter and provides a visualization of the most commonly used words in a given time period.

Twitterverse is a free project of Max Kiesler and Emily Chang, co-founders of Ideacodes, located in San Francisco, CA. just a few blocks from the makers of Twitter. There is a section to look for jobs and to Post job openings. People list upcoming events of interest some related to computer technology. New events will be added as members hear about them. The events take place througout the world and are of interest to technicians and young adults.

WARNING: This site is for late teens and young adults based on an overview of the interrelated sites and links today!
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