Which Safety Measurements Should I Take While Using An Electric Saw?


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Clamping a straight edge (a straight narrow board) near the line you want to cut, and then sliding the base of your electric saw along it, will ensure a safe cut, for this will keep the saw from binding. When the saw binds, it comes back at you in what is called a "kickback." Generally, it is good to keep both hands on the saw. Have the piece you are cutting in a solid, safe position and always maintain good footing. The operator of an electric handsaw should always keep in position so that if the saw kicks back, he can maintain control of it. A key to the safe use of electric hand tools is: Always think ahead about what could happen before it occurs.

Sometimes a larger woodworking machine such as a table saw is used. This fine machine can do great amounts of cutting safely and quickly. It is not the most devastating of large woodworking machines, but it is one with which accidents most commonly occur. Here again, a very important safety step is to keep the blade sharp. The few minutes taken to sharpen it are well worth the time spent. Most areas of the world require that machines of this type have a guard over the blade. This is a great protection.

A basic principle to keep in mind when operating the table saw is to keep a continual watch on where your hands are as you use the machine. Be sure that the floor is kept clean so that you do not slip. The greatest danger in operating table saws comes from "kickbacks." With that in mind, never place your hands in any position where they will be dragged into the blade in the event that the wood kicks back at you. This means that you must not put your hands on the portion of the saw table that is on the side of the blade away from the operator (the back side of the saw). The saw blade should be kept approximately one quarter of an inch (6 millimeters) above the material that you are cutting. Keeping the blade this low will minim
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Do not forget to use safety tools like goggles and glove, also use suitable clothing for woodworking http://woodworkingplans.4useful.com/

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