Is There Any Free Chat Rooms That Dont Require A Credit Card To Join?


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Yes there is it is Habbo
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Yes. But normally credit card verification is required to confirm your age in many cam sites. There is a website which redirect you to a cam site that doesn't request for your credit card information to join.

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There are many chat room service providers worldwide. Now, even communities like Facebook provide you with Instant Chat service.
You can simply go for Yahoo Chat rooms, they are the largest of their kind and have many users worldwide. To use Yahoo Chat rooms, first of all download Yahoo messenger, then log in with your Yahoo E-mail.
Both above mentioned Facebook and Yahoo Messenger are free to use and require no credit cards.
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Well there is no way to go into the chat rooms on AOL without needing a credit card. All the AOL accounts require the payment for the users so you can not get the free access for the AOL account free. But there are some promotions which are currently run by the Dell with the sale of the Laptops that if you purchase the laptop you will get free account of the AOL with the laptop. So this is the promotion which is offered to the users by the dell.

So if you are in need of a laptop then you can enjoy the free AOL accounts free. The other way is you can use the third person account of the AOL if you do not have your own account. So if you want to get the AOL account you must have to pay the money for using and getting the accounts of the AOL. There is no way you can get the free account of the AOL except availing the promotion scheme of the Dell laptops. So this is all about the AOL accounts.

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